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by CRG

* CRGames, CRG projects *

Games, projects and info about Claudiu Radu a.k.a. CRGames ( CRG ) are all present on this website,
plus so much more. Take a look around, it's free :D.

Safety Update

Due to the various conflicts currently taking place around the world, the internet is teeming
with bots, hackers, scammers and all sorts of evil-doers so I have been forced to make some safety updates
to the website. This won't affect the user experience in any way.

Website overhauled!

New styles, textures and interface for both the main site and the DW extension.

Website updated!

Different design and better functionality for all screen sizes.

"Zombie Buster 2" is here!!

The complete name is: "C.R.G.'s Zombie Buster 2: Annihilation v.";
and, as usual, both an installer, .rar archive and source code are available.
Proceed to 'downloads' page.

The multiplayer patch for "Ultimate Sprint Driver" is ready!

More info in downloads.
Again, both the installer and the source code
can be downloaded.

My, 2nd game is released!!

You can try my new racing game: "Ultimate Sprint Driver"
More info in readme.
Again, both the installer and the source code
can be downloaded.

Finally, my game is released!!

This is the final version of my game, it's pretty much a first person shooter..
more info in readme; again both the precompiled version and the source code
available, only this time the game has an installer ( not just a chessy
archive like the demo ). Anyway, enjoy!

Irrlicht & IrrAI demo released..

I've made this demo to learn how to use Irrlicht and IrrAi.
Basically I have added some characters with A.I. to the Irrlicht demo.
This is a wery simple program, but maybe it can help someone so I have
uploaded both the source code and the .exe file + media.
Download it here!

Site up and running.

Hey! I am happy to announce that my site is now running ...
For now, the purpose of this site is pretty much to hold my
current and future projects.

CRG Data warehouse complete.

Go to D.W.

C.R.G. looping

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