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Hey! My name is Claudiu Radu, I'm a programmer, economist, writer and other stuff... . This site contains a few
games and other projects I have developed in my spare time. In developing these games I have also created most of
the models, textures, maps, sounds and 2D graphics so, if you want to use any of them, please let me know.

What I know/do:

  • Functional Programming, OOP, PP;

  • Web Programming, WordPress;

  • C/C++, Java, Php, VisualBasic, Basic, C#, Python, GoLang;

  • SQL, MySQL, Access;

  • Html, javaScript, css;

  • VS, VS.Net, Eclipse, NetBeans;

  • 3D modelling, texturing, rendering, animations;

  • 2D graphics, vector graphics;

  • Audio and video editing, DAW systems;

*** Do you want to find out more about me? You should check my presentation page, or leave me a message.

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