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CRG download page. This page contains all of my games and projects both precompiled and as source code. Screenshots, pictures and artwork from the games below and other projects, can be found on the 'media' page.

If you receive the infamous 'This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem' (under Windows XP) or 'This application has failed to start because it's side-by-side-configuration is incorrect' (Windows Vista, 7), you should install: 'Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update' in order to start the application.
Just googling the title above will get you to the correct download page.

Zombie Buster 2: Annihilation v.
It is a free action, shooter, driving game. You can choose between two players and investigate a strange illness in a small mountain city. Weapons and even cars may be used to stop any danger you may encounter along your way. Have fun!
You can check it's sourceforge page here for downloading and screenshots.
The game can also be downloaded from the links below:
Zombie Buster 2 installer ( < 140 MB )
Zombie Buster 2 .rar ( < 100 MB )
Zombie Buster 2 source code ( ~ 150 KB )
* Screenshots for this, and the rest of my games, can be found on the 'media' page.
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Ultimate Sprint Driver Multiplayer Patch v.
This is the multiplayer version of the game below. It is a "racing football" game. It has 7 different cars that you'll be able to race on 4 stadiums or arenas and try to score goals with your car. Being a multiplayer game, up to 8 players can join in one of two teams to try and win the game. It also has a simple chatting system that can be used prior to the race.
** Note that this is a patch, and must be applied only aftwer you have installed "Ultimate Sprint Driver" in order to run properly. You can download the archive containing the patch ( ~ 4 MB ), and it's source code here ( < 1 MB ).
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Ultimate Sprint Driver v.
This racing game allows you to play with 7 different cars on all of the 7 tracks available. It has three racing modes: practice, where you can race against the clock and try to improve your old times, career and knockout tournament where you'll try to beat your opponents times. Have Fun!!
Here you can download Ultimate Sprint Driver's installer ( < 100 MB ), and it's source code ( ~ 120 KB ).

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Zombie Buster v. 1.41.1
The world is invaded with brain-dead zombies...kill those mother-f#$%ers!!!
Here you can download the game's installer( ~ 65 MB ),
and here you can download it's source code (about 2 MB in size).
**Note: if the installed version doesn't work, for some reason, download the archive over here!! ( ~ 45 MB).

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Irrlicht demo + irrai
This game or application has a single map with some retarded robots on it...just shoot the bastards. As I said before this is a modified version of Irrlicht's tech demo with ai.
Download it here!! (can't have more than 10 MB), while for the source code try here!! (probably even less than the precompiled version).
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